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Healthy Scalp for Healthy Hair

When we think about the health of our hair, it’s important for us to think of our scalp in two ways:

  1. Separate from our hair
  2. The birthplace of our scalp

Our scalp is the birthplace of our hair and understanding the basic health that we need to ensure to have a healthy scalp is vital to having healthy hair. The scalp is essentially an extension of the face and needs regular cleaning and exfoliation like our face. Our hair fiber first sits within a hair follicle underneath the scalp, before coming through the skin of our scalp. For our hair to grow healthy, the scalp needs to be fed with nutrients to stimulate a good level of blood flow, thus:

  • Eating a healthy nutritional diet is key to healthy hair growth

The scalp also needs to be clean and clear of any blockage, such as dirt, dust, the build-up of products, and or our natural sebum, which is our natural oil that our scalp produces to condition theskin and act as a barrier to prevent internal moisture loss.

What’s the number one mistake people are making about scalp health?

The number one mistake that people are making about scalp health, is not thinking of the scalp separate from our hair, and the important part it plays in supporting healthy hair. This mistake then means that most people do not have the information and knowledge to practice a regimen for ensuring a healthy scalp is maintained.

How does a healthy scalp help you grow thicker, healthier hair?

A scalp that is blocked by dust, dirt, products, and hardened sebum can cause a blockage, forcing the hair to push through the blockage. In some cases, the blockage can lead to individuals experiencing scalp dryness and itchiness, inflammation, and shrinking of the hair follicle. This can then result in the hair being poor quality than what is produced when the scalp is in a clean and moist environment, as well as being very well stimulated.

A healthy scalp regimen includes:

  • No heavy oils or greases to block the hair follicle- only use 100% natural oils or ingredients to moisten the scalp if required
  • Cleanse the scalp weekly or fortnightly to remove bacteria, dirt, the build-up of sebum, and products
  • Use a shampoo that nourishes the scalp with healthy ingredients
  • Massage the scalp – This can be done whilst washing to stimulate blood flow to cells for greater hair growth
  • Be careful not to scratch or damage the scalp with sharp nails, combs
  • Ensure hairstyles, weaves, braids, clips are not too tight, adding tension to the scalp
  • Eat healthily – A well-balanced diet will help supply the skin with the raw material necessary to produce new, healthy cells.

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