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YOU AND YOUR HAIR is a master class book and comprehensive and easy-to-follow blueprint to managing and nurturing your Afro hair. Complete with the knowledge and guidance you need to know to maintain your hair. This master class explores the concept of healthy Afro-textured hair from a holistic approach of Mind, Body, and Spirit, celebrating our hair as unique and beautiful. Moving away from the notion of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ hair, this empowering book allows you to begin a journey of understanding your hair’s unique characteristics and the care it needs for it to be truly healthy. You have the power to allow your hair to look and feel its best and discover your natural curl pattern.

Saffron Jade’s ‘ROSE ALMOND’ natural leave-in conditioning ‘moisture’ hair spray, was formulated to provide customers with Afro-textured, naturally curly, coily hair of all beautiful textures and hair types a ‘ Leave in’ conditioning ‘moisture’ spray to promote and maintain healthy hair, whilst promoting and maintaining a healthy scalp. The use of the spray has several benefits, with the main function being to keep your hair hydrated, support a healthy PH balance, add essential moisture, and promote elasticity and natural shine.


  • Use for natural hair, relaxed and Locs
  • Hair in weaves and braid extensions
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and length retention
  • Leaves hair soft and manageable
  • Helps with knots and tangles
  • Keeps hair hydrated to combat dryness and breakage
  • Adds moisture and natural shine
  • Use as a heat protector

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Mockup image of the "Rose Almond Moisture Spray" and the book titled "You and your Hair"